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Welcome to CopleyX!

Updated: Mar 6

Local, Professional Drone Services!

Hello and welcome to the very first of our business blogs! I say our, but so far CopleyX is a one man business, ran by myself - Zak Copley. (No prizes for original business name I know).

CopleyX was created as my personal ambition to take a leap of faith into pursuing my love for flying and photo/videos. From a very young age, I would run around with a little compact camera or any DSLR's I could get my hands on and what get photos of everything I could. I would go out on my bike at the crack of dawn to travel for the perfect sunrise of spots around Leicester/Leicestershire.

When I went off to Uni (studying Computer Games Programming) - I set myself up as "Zak Copley Photography" where I operated as a "semi-professional" photographer to help me pay off my Uni bills and parties.

While also running around with the camera, on calmer, dry days, I would always try to get outside with some form of flying contraptions from RC Helicopters, Polystyrene Planes and old drones. Obviously when I was younger - drones were not the absolute power houses they are today.

After Uni - I went into Teaching, and spent just over 4 years teach in Mainstream and Special educational settings. This was a career I enjoyed and found very rewarding, however like so many in the profession, the workload got the better of me.

Leaving teaching, I decided it was time to make my living doing something that I loved and that I could tell full ownership of for its success and workload - therefore - CopleyX was born!

Since then, I have invested everything I could to get the best equipment and qualifications I could to deliver professional drone services in my locality and wider afield. It has been just over a year since I set up the business and its growth has been fantastic!

Over the last year I have filmed for some amazing national organisations, created footage of incredible events and weddings and had the opportunity to work with many other inspiring individuals in the photo/video industry.

As a drone service provider, I offer almost all areas of mainstream drone services, to which I am experienced - but found my true love was filming weddings, events and areas of real estate and marketing where I am able to truly create my own works.

I have even been able to use this business to allow me to continue my work as a teacher, working with adults and children alike in how to fly drones, and how to fly legally within the law.

I would certainly say leaving a comfortable career to pursue a business in a saturating market is a risk, and it certainly isn't easy, but if you are up for a challenge, then I would recommend it to anyone.

I hope this gives a small insight into who I am and what CopleyX is. As a small local business, you can always trust you will get a transparent, honest service from us, at the very best price.

I am much better behind a camera than I am in front, so enjoy this stock image.

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